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Moomintroll (also lovingly know as simply ‘Moomin’) is the main protagonist in most of the Moomin book series.

An agreeable fellow who is interested in everything he sees (especially if it is to do with the sea and collecting rocks and shells)! Moomintroll is easily recognisable from his gentle, round appearance and the tuft on the end of his tail.

Moomintoll’s best friend is vagabond Snufkin, who, every November, leaves Moomintroll a special letter when he goes south for the winter. In it, he promises to return to Moominvalley on the first day of spring.

We meet Moomintroll in the very first Moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood, where we quickly learn that he values friendship more than anything and that he adores his family. Of course he does, I hear you cry! We ALL love the Moomins.


  • The asteroid 58345 Moomintroll was named in his honour.
  • Moomintroll was initially called "snork". Jansson described him as her alter ego.