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About Us

Does anyone really read these About Us pages? Well just in case you got lost down a Moomin rabbit hole, and ended up at this page, then in honour of Tove Jansson herself, let us tell you a story of how All Moomin came to pass.

We’ll begin at the beginning and just say right off the bat, that we were Moomin fans, way before we ever thought that we could or should make a business around them. And trust us when we say we LOVE The Moomins.

They say choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Well that’s simply not true, it’s just that work is now a lot furrier and a whole bunch more fun!  

We can honestly say, since taking the plunge we have never looked back. We run our business in true Moomin tradition. We are a family and we live and breathe the Moomins core values which are as dear to us and I know they will be to you.

Jumping in at the deep end in 2018 took a little bit of Courage but it gave us the Freedom we craved. We would be writing our own real life Moomin story and who doesn’t want to go on an Adventure like that?!

And as this is supposed to be an About Us page, I think it’s important to mention the way we conduct business, from our Customer Service right through to the materials we use when creating our products, is extremely important to us. We only use FSC paper and card for our packaging and Art Prints and we are hoping to go 80% recycled by 2022. Kindness and Respect of nature are extremely important to us and along with Tolerance, Equality and Individuality complete our own company ethos in line with the Moomin way of life.

Are you still with us? If you made it this far, then you win. It seems people (or one person at least) really DO read these pages and our faith in humanity has been restored. Here is a 10% off code for you to use as a reward. Just type in: IREADIT on checkout and your discount will automatically be added.

A big thank you from the All Moomin Team x