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The MOOMIN 75th Anniversary Coin

Some of you Moomin super fans may have heard some rumours and rumblings of an exclusive Moomin Friendship Coin being launched at some point in 2020? Well, we are delighted to absolutely, unequivocally, 100% confirm these reports!

To say that we are excited about the upcoming launch here at AllMoomin HQ, would be the understatement of the year. When we had the idea to create an exclusive Moomin Challenge Coin back in 2018, it was merely a Moomin pipedream…or so we thought.

When we pitched our idea to Moomin’s UK Licensing Agents, Point1888, they loved the idea. And when they, in turn, pitched it to the Moomin Estate, and THEY loved it – we suddenly realised that this was actually happening. When we did get the green light (and we had finished flipping out and popping the champagne), we took a breath and then it hit us… it was obvious to us, that we just had to launch this in 2020 to celebrate the Moomins 75th Anniversary.

Moomin's 75th Anniversary

Then the hard work started. We knew this coin had to be beautiful, something so special, that it would be appreciated and adored in equal measure – we’d never forgive ourselves if we let the fans down and so we got to work.

We drafted in the best of the best for this project, working with a well-known Art Director and the full Product Design Team from Star Editions in the UK, who have a 15-year pedigree working with the world’s best-known book brands and character licenses.

We set about creating a Challenge Coin that was different from anything else on the market. It needed to feel great, not too heavy, not too light, and tactile too. It had to be the right size for little Moomin fan hands, as well as older fans too. Something that you could hold, squeeze, and cherish and would look equally as beautiful on display.

For those of you who are not aware of the term Challenge Coin, there is a wonderful tradition behind them of camaraderie, closeness, and success. They were often gifted to a loved one or presented in recognition of a special achievement. And yes, although this year has certainly been a challenge, we felt that the Challenge Coin was a little harsh for Moomins and that the term Friendship Coin was much better suited to this unique collectible.

Ultimately, only you guys will be able to let us know how you think we did. Just know that it was designed, made, and will be delivered to you with love and a very happy 75th Anniversary blessing.

We cannot wait to share it with you all and as soon as we can, we will. What we can confirm right now, is that the Official Moomin Friendship Coin #1 will be limited to just 250 Coins and be exclusively sold here at


  • Amy

    When can we get to see what this looks like? How big is it and what will it cost? I can’t wait!

  • Gemma

    When can you show us a sneak peak? What does it look like? I literally cannot wait for this!!! Joined your mailing list xxx

  • Jamie

    I’m all over this. I literally only care about two things, The Moomins and money LOL

  • Sarah

    OMG I’ve never been more excited in a product launch in my life, take my money!

  • Hannah


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