Life is Like a Mosaic

When we began working with Art Director and Coin Designer, Will Marston to help us design our Friendship Coin, we were well aware of his alter ego, @Mr_Mosaics and his Ceramic Pixel Art as he calls it.

What we didn’t expect was him to ask if he could create a one-off Moomin Mosaic for us to sell and donate all proceeds to the Moomins Save #Oursea campaign and the John Nurminen Foundation!

Moomintroll: Ceramic Mosaic by @Mr_Mosaics

We obviously could not say YES quick enough. A huge thank you to Mr Mosaics for this. We have it here in our possession and it is just so beautiful.

Each 1cm x 1cm ceramic tile was lovingly placed and grouted by hand and the overall finished piece measures an impressive 55cm x 60cm.

@Mr_Mosaics told us “When I knew I was going to create this piece; I had to choose Moomintroll. He is just so iconic and a perfect subject for my Ceramic Pixel Art style. The image is loosely based on the Moomin’s Tale Gameboy Advance Video Game box cover art from Japan and was a favourite game of mine growing up.”

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